Specific article authors keeps ideal that sexting are today’s exposure choices you to definitely most likely correlates together with other risk habits

Specific article authors keeps ideal that sexting are today’s exposure choices you to definitely most likely correlates together with other risk habits

One of many standard people off high school students, adolescents whom sext are more inclined to feel sexually productive ; simultaneously, this has been seen why these young people supply faster knowledge of its attitude and more challenge controlling him or her .

Therefore, it could be fascinating to investigate the brand new protective method employed by kids and teenagers. In particular, it would be advantageous to take notice of the defensive methods used by adolescents towards impaired the means to access brand new technologies which have become created in recent years and are now part of everyday life. In addition, since sexting was a complex occurrence, the latest literary works is always to study if the access to this type of behavior is from the certain protective strategies otherwise behavioral/mental troubles.

dos.step one. Users and you may Processes

This new take to of your expose study consisted of N = 209 victims with N = 132 women (63%) and you can N = 77 males (37%); the newest sample decades varied out of 14 to twenty five years (Meters =18.8; SD = step three.55). I chose to make use of this age groups consistent with the meaning of “new puberty” devised by the Sawyer and you will associates . All sufferers completed an internet randomized survey thanks to Yahoo Forms shortly after training and you may taking told concur facts; in the example of minors, the parents was basically permitted to take part. Zero private information was expected about research, and you will privacy and you will privacy have been guaranteed.

2.dos.1. Socio-Demographic Variables

Age, gender and intimate positioning was basically requested regarding users. Intercourse try coded given that an effective dummy changeable (people = 0; male = 1). Intimate direction in it next solutions: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or any other.

2.dos.dos. Sexting Choices Questionnaire (SBQ)

To assess sexting behavior, the new Sexting Behavior Survey was utilized, that is a modified type of the newest Sexting Conclusion Level . That it questionnaire includes 30 activities and you may talks about sexting behavior for the about three sandwich-dimensions: receiving, giving and you will posting sexts to your social network specifying who’s new topic of the sexts and you afrikansk kvinnor att gifta sig med will whether or not sexts was indeed delivered or published through its concur. In this tool, sexting practices is actually recognized as “delivering or acquiring intimately suggestive otherwise provocative messages/photos/films via cellular phone and you will/otherwise Myspace or some other Sites social media site” and users was basically assigned a rating to each item from to help you 5 (step 1 = never; 2 = rarely or once or twice; 3 = occasionally; 4 = often; 5 = apparently or each and every day). In the current study, this scale demonstrated good internal consistency, which have an effective Cronbach ? property value 0.87.

dos.2.step three. Sexting Motivations Survey (SMQ)

Brand new Sexting Motives Survey was applied to measure the three motivations getting sending sexts. It is an effective 13-product care about-statement size with the a great 5-point Likert-sorts of level regarding 0 (never) so you can cuatro (always). It means measures this new volume regarding three sexting motives: “intimate purposes” relates to sending sexts having sexual aims plus it includes five circumstances. An example items is actually: “Either We publish sexts to have teasing otherwise hooking up”; “instrumental/mad purposes” refers to the entry to sexting having second aims, unrelated in order to sexuality, like revealing sexts in exchange for something, under great pressure/coercion or that have risky aim and it also consists of four situations. An example item is actually: “Either We send sexts so you can damage or ruin someone”). The final desire try “human body picture support” hence applies when sharing sexts so you can get self-confident views about your individual looks also it contains around three circumstances. An example items is actually: “Possibly I publish sexts to check on whether or not I am attractive adequate”. So it tool shown good psychometric characteristics: Cronbach’s ? gotten are ? = 0.86.

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