Opioids: Understanding Addiction Versus Dependence

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addiction vs dependence

Research suggests that no treatment method is superior, but that social support is very important and that organizations such as AA and NA have better than average success rates in reducing relapse. Although someone with a drug addiction can end their physical dependence on the drug through detox, the mental component of the addiction remains, and maintaining sobriety can be an ongoing struggle. He earned a Bachelor’s degree at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania while pursuing his CAC-AD.

What is Drug Addiction?

Studies have shown that addiction can form in individuals through a combination of genetic makeup and poor social skills. This is why the offspring of addicts are addiction vs dependence prone to becoming addicts. One study showed that a child of a parent with a drug or alcohol addiction is eight times more likely to develop an addiction as well.

For example, if a person has a drink or two with dinner twice a week, they likely are not abusing alcohol. However, if that person began drinking heavily every day, and it adversely affected their health, relationships, and job, they have likely reached the point of alcohol abuse. Many people experiment with illegal drugs for fun, to feel better, to perform better, or simply due to social pressures.

Causes of Tolerance

Deirdre has extensive experience in mental health and treating substance use disorder related issues. In addition, Deirdre has experience in caring for young adults, women’s health issues and adolescents with HIV/AIDS. She served as a Wellness coordinator at Search for Change, Inc and currently serves as an Independent Practice Coach from 2011 to present. As the Family Nurse Practitioner, Deirdre performs history and physical exams, and works with clients to diagnose and treat dual diagnosis clients. I began working in the treatment field for alcohol and drug addiction in January 2020, and it has provided me with a sense of purpose, as helping others has always been a passion of mine.

Differentiating dependence and stigma may offer more inclusive ways to identify people who need help, but may not have an addiction. Rehab centers typically use the term “dependence” to describe someone’s psychological and physical loss of control as a result of substance abuse. It can get confusing because they use “addiction” to refer to the physical aspects of drug abuse too. However, a woman who has a physical dependence on a drug is generally classified as dependent. That said, having a drug dependence doesn’t necessarily mean that she has an addiction.

Digital Support Group – Addiction Recovery

With strong ties to Victory Christian Church and the 12-step community, Federico shares an amazing personal story of redemption and long-term recovery. With over 32 years in the arena of addiction and sobriety, he uses his vast experience to https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/alcohol-misuse-long-term-effects-of-alcohol-on-the-body/ provide a unique approach to mentorship and guiding our clients toward a supportive lifestyle of recovery. Mr. Douglas’ experience, strength, and hope inspires those in our program, and prepares them for the real-world journey of recovery.

However, addiction cannot start until someone starts abusing a substance. Substance abuse is when a person uses drugs or alcohol so heavily, inappropriately, and often enough that it begins to disrupt their daily life. The National Institute of Drug Abuse defines drug addiction as a permanent disorder that applies to people who compulsively take drugs without considering the consequences. It’s characterized as a brain disorder because the drug changes the function of the brain. Mainly those functions related to reward- stress, and control, changes that can last long after the drug intake has stopped.

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