Download POCO X3 Pro Official Firmware Auto Update

We have been putting the phone through the wringer and will try and answer all related questions in our Poco X3 Pro review, just to help you decide if it’s worthy of being your next website phone. If there is one fault we can list, it would be its availability, especially in markets where consumers still have to settle for the bigger and more expensive brands. It’s a very impressive all-round phone, though competition is very stiff at this price point.

  • Also, this custom ROM supports the substratum Theme engine, which can change the appearance of your device.
  • XIAOMI Poco X3 Pro owners can easily update their smartphones using an easy and safe method.
  • The POCO X3 pro mobile is best for gameplay recording, not for live streaming.
  • Binge watching Prime, Netflix & History TV are my hobbies.

You can flash your device with a recovery mode or flash tool. Using the MIUI Firmware Updater for Poco X3, you can update your smartphone to the latest MIUI version.

poco x3 pro is good or bad

I have played many heavy games on it, really this battery capacity works well. The stereo-speakers on the X3 can get really loud and you can feel the rumble across the back. The audio quality via speakers is better than what we have on Realme 7 Pro. Our ringtone when we receive calls, however, plays very feeble. At times we missed calls when our phone was in another room and the ringing volume wasn’t set to 100 percent. Poco X3 has a macro camera as well, but we doubt the majority would be using it very often. The selfie camera on the front performs well in proper daylight.

He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. With the POCO X3 Pro, Xiaomi has once again shown that it understands the budget segment better than anyone else. Between the POCO X3 and Redmi Note 10 series, Xiaomi has five phones that cater to a wide swathe of consumers. The POCO X3 Pro stands tall over other phones in this category; there isn’t a device that offers the same caliber of performance. So if you need a phone for gaming or want a device that will deliver lag-free performance for several years, the X3 Pro is the default choice. You can fix this particular issue by using the dedicated night mode; while it doesn’t lead to noticeably better shots, at leas the images have better detail and decreased noise levels.

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